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Venetia Halsell
Author, Leader, Teacher, Choreographer,
Dance Minister

Min. Venetia Halsell

Venetia has over 40 years of study, teaching and performance experience in dance.

She has studied Ballet, Afro-Caribbean Jazz, Tap and Modern Dance Technique.


Venetia was a member of the Jimmy Payne Dancers, the Tony Wilson Dance Company and was the Director/Choreographer of her own company; the V-Connection Jazz Dancers.  

Her performing credits include local productions of “Ease on Down the Road”, “We’re Gonna Have a Good Time”, the Chicago Passion Play, “Dance Under the Picasso” and three appearances on the once popular television show “Dance Fever”.


Venetia has choreographed for several gospel plays, worship services, TEN Graduations and other inspirational programs. She specializes in incorporating worship tools in her ministry pieces.


Venetia has ministered at numerous churches, worship services and ministry events as well as taught both dance and word at several local workshops and conferences. She has also mentored other dance ministry leaders in the areas of leadership, dance technique and choreography. 

Soaring Eagle
Published Author

Venetia completed Dance Year 1 and Dance Year 2 with The Eagles Network (TEN) and is a 2012 graduate of Dance Year 1 from the Eagle International Training Institute (EITI), under the leadership of Apostle Pamela Hardy, where she received her Minister of Dance License.  Venetia also completed the Eagles SOPAA course entitled Dances of the Supernatural in 2018 and graduated from EITI School of Business, 9 to 5 Exit Plan in 2021. She graduated from the EITI Authors Course in Fall 2023 with her first book “Leading in Joy: Finding Fulfillment as a Spirit-Led Leader.


The Eagles Network
(TEN) Leader

Venetia has served as a TEN Teacher and Choreographer for the 2013 and 2014 graduating classes at the TEN Illinois Southwest site and has been the site leader for TEN Illinois Central since 2016.  She recently joined the leadership team as co-State Leader for EITI/TEN Illinois.

Using her Gifts for the lord

Venetia made the decision to use her gifts of dance and choreography to help spread the Gospel when she became a member of the Apostolic Church of God’s Liturgical Dance Ministry in 1996.  She has served as the dance assistant, choreographer, administrative facilitator, garment coordinator, Assistant Director and the Training and Development Facilitator.

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Venetia collaborated with other dance ministry leaders to bring forth programs such as “Dancing in the Spirit” at the Chicago Cultural Center, an afternoon program of Liturgical Dance at the Harold Washington Library and 2 City-wide prayer services held at the UIC Pavilion.  These programs brought together dance ministers from churches throughout the Chicagoland area.

"One Touch" by Nicole Mullen

**Choreography by Venetia Halsell*

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